How to Fix the Netgear Router Connecting Issue after Network Security Change

Netgear router is one of the secured networks to access internet and incorporate online activities. Emails are transferred in the encrypted form through the servers under safeguards. Netgear router has other features like Ipv6 support, guest wireless network, traffic meters and USB ports. Also the....


How can users change or reset their Google account password

 In today’s digital age, the security of any email account can be easily breached. Also with so many passwords to remember these days, forgetting one’s email account password is no big deal. To the delight of users, the process of both changing and resetting email....


how to sync iphone with gmail

The iPhone is used extensively these days.The following steps will let the user know how to sync iPhone with gmail account with the help of the steps suggested below.

  •  First of all the user needs to sync the contacts with the iCloud and thus for this the user....


Gmail Password Recovery Process in two way

Forgotten or losing password brings misery. If you’ve forgotten your Gmail account password, and if you want to know how to reset your Gmail account password, please follow the procedure below. There are 2 ways for you to reset your forgotten Gmail account password

Way 1 -....


Hotmail account setup in outlook 2010

Setting up hotmail in Outlook 2010 is not that tough. To the delight of users the process for doing that is pretty simple and involves a few easy to implement steps. The only thing that users need to do is to learn about the steps....


How to connect and customize the DualShock4 setup

DualShock 4 is the controller of the PlayStation 4’s with features like capacitive touch input with improved SixAxis motion sensing. Features like new clickable touchpad, new analog thumb stocks, new light bar and integrated headphone jack makes the PS4 experience more vibrant.

DualShock 4 acts as....


How to Configure Outlook For Gmail in effective manner

Walk through the procedure as described below to configure outlook for Gmail in swift manner. 

  1. Begin with sign in to Gmail. 

  1. Choose setting option available at right corner of inbox 

  1. Now hit click on forwarding IMAP/POP setting option 

  1. Enable the setting and hit click on save option to apply changes. 

  1. Moving further open outlook....


Hotmail Password Reset - Quick Tutorial

In these days, Hotmail is very popular among the users for its extraordinary features. Behind every feature, users face many technical errors with their Hotmail account and password recovery is one of them. Most of the users are unaware about the Process for Hotmail password....


Gmail calendar not syncing

Is your Gmail calendar not syncing? Have you wasted a lot of your time without getting the desired solution? If yes then no need to waste from now onwards as below mentioned is an effective tutorial through which things can be done instantly.


Internet connection....


CenturyLink Email Is Not Working :- A Quick Tutorial

Life before email was simple. But now, it is hard to get anything done without email -- mainly when you are unable to send or receive messages.

Such problems are easy to solve. All you need is guidance. Please begin with these tricks:

1 - Please check....


Google chrome not working on any device

Whenever you will find a PC or Laptop in anyone’s home or workplace, then you will find that 99% of the users use the Google Chrome Browser. It is not because of the popularity but the excellent features of Chrome which attracts a lot of....


Gmail not working with outlook in proper way

So, you are facing some problem related to Gmail with your Outlook and you are confused whether you should contact the Gmail experts or the Outlook experts to resolve your issues. But don’t worry since in this article, you will find the very easy steps....


Change Gmail Password in very simple way

Gmail account is used excessively used by countless users due to its smooth and fast email service that allow users to send and receive email time to time. To access Gmail account on android device one need to enter correct email address and password and....


Hotmail Server Settings

Most users have issues when it comes to configuring the server settings for Hotmail. Most of them are not technically equipped to troubleshoot technical issues or to have answers to their queries. Such users shouldn't push the panic button and must take assistance from the....


Get quick tutorial for Gmail Password Reset and its Security

Most of the users well known that to access Gmail account one need to enter its correct email ID and password but unfortunately in case forgot the password then one might find out problem to access email account. But here in this article describing about....


Netgear Router Installation Process in Easy Way

Netgear Router is the latest evolution of innovative modem and WiFi Router which introduced the world’s fastest wireless router for every home that require multiple devices, strong and steady WiFi signal. Netgear provides the best range to meet all type of home networking. So people....


How to change Netgear router password ?

If the router password is known to someone then that person can easily get access the router and consume unlimited amount of data. In order to avoid such situation it is necessary that users have changed the account password instantly before things go out of....


Fastmail not working properly in Web Browser ? Why !

Email has become an undisputed and the most secure tool for communication. There are number of companies that offered email services such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others. But, no one is compatible with Fastmail email service. Numerous salient features have been integrated with....


Ms Office guide for Install,Setup,etc

When it comes to preparing flawless presentations and balance sheets, nothing beats MS office. All users must know how to download and install the software to avail its many features. The steps involved in doing so are very easy and don’t take much of users’....


How to activate adsense account in blogger

Blogger is one of the most popular online platform of Google which is used by the billions of users across the world. Blogger is the best way to make money by showing AdSense or any other ads on your pages. To know more about that,....


Gmail Helpline Number for Gmail Customer Support

Ever since Gmail has been launched there has been a great change in communication strategies of the world. Introduced in the year 2000, this email application has been the most widely preferred of all the email platforms of the world due to its unbeatable features....


How Can I Restore Emails Associated To Skymail Account

Are you one of those who want to get rid of your email account? Sky Email will help you in such scenario. People are using it overcome communication difficulties, it is secure to use. It acts as a storage platform to all your important items....


Ways to Reset Bellsouth Email Password

Bellsouth email is the ponderous and magnificent email service provider gives the latest benefits to the user. The user having certain glitches can be solved by the Bellsouth support team and the solution is achieved.

The Bellsouth email is the efficient and most significant email that....