change netgear network from public to private


how to change netgear network from public to private


Before learning about changing public network to private network in netgear router, here is brief information about Public network, private network and domain network

Netgear Public Network

A public network is a network which is available for the general public, for example at Airports and railway stations. When a user is connected to a public network then there is no protective layer between the local computer and other devices. The windows firewall in case of public network becomes a lot more restrictive and ends up blocking various apps and services including file sharing, and users are unable to connect to printers, TV, and other devices. 

Netgear Private Network

A private network is a network which is available at home or office and are used by people who have mutual trust. In this type of Network, the windows firewall is not that restrictive and users can easily connect to external devices such as printers, mobile phones, and can also share files. 

About Netgear Domain Network

The domain network is a type of network which becomes available only when the local computer is a member of an active directory domain. In this type of network, using one of the network connections, the local computer does its authentication for a domain controller to avail the benefits of that domain.                                          

Following are the steps on how to change network from public to private

  • In the first step users must press Windows key + I to open the Windows 10 settings.

  • On the displayed window, users must click on Network & Internet. Depending upon the network type, users must select the subcategory on the left panel.  

  • If Ethernet is connected, then the connection is LAN type, otherwise users are connected to internet via Wi-Fi.

  • Under Ethernet, users must select the connection name. It will either be a LAN or Wi-Fi network connection.

  •  Users must select the Find devices and content option. In case it is set to Public, then users won’t be able to connect to other devices in the same network.  Users must set it to Private to so that they can connect their computer to other devices. 


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