Fix Black Screen Error in Windows 7


How to fix black screen error in windows 7

Windows user can have experienced having a BSOD problem that can be interact with the mouse in order to reboot black screen normally. Actually there are number of variations of the black screen error that is often depending on the cause of the problem being occurred. At this time users can try in order to put the Windows task manager and perform functions.

Black screen error in Windows 7 perhaps faces by variety of cases that we are going to discuss. First of all you need to make sure that you have updated Windows security, Malware software and Graphics cards and Reinstall your driver.

However, if you are having black screen error then you can go with the most basic solutions to get the issue fixed promptly.

Following troubleshooting procedure in given order below:

  1. Press “F8” button initially and hold back for a second until boot up your PC, it is safe mode that can bring you at the advanced boot options.
  2. Locate the “Last known good configuration” and press “Enter” to select it, your PC will start with Booting Windows.
  3. Open your “Taskbar” and right click to click to the “Start task manager”.
  4. Click to the “Process” tab and then click to the “Explorer.exe” and click to “End process” finally.
  5. Click to “OK” and click to “Start” button and select “Manager Device”.
  6. Double click to the “Display adapter” and right click to your display device and click to the “Update graphic driver software” and then follow the on screen technical wizards.

You may follow the procedure with Windows security update and Windows registry file by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE button. In addition to this you may scan your PC to remove malware items and one of the most necessary troubleshooting procedures is perform a system restore method via safe mode.

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