Gmail not Working with Outlook 2016


Gmail not working with outlook in proper way

So, you are facing some problem related to Gmail with your Outlook and you are confused whether you should contact the Gmail experts or the Outlook experts to resolve your issues. But don’t worry since in this article, you will find the very easy steps to sort out all of your issues. Many a times, it happens the Gmail users have complained about Gmail not working with outlook. If your issue is also the same, then don’t worry because it is going to be resolved within a few minutes.

Generally, there are two steps to fix gmail not working with outlook given below.

  1. Enabling the 2-step verification.

  2. Using an app specific password for Outlook.

Both of these steps will be discussed here in detail.

Steps to Enable 2-Step Verification:

  1. Firstly, the user should go to the official Google account page i.e. on his PC.

  2. Then, he has to click on the Sign-in & security link.

  3. After that, he should scroll down the webpage and should click on 2-Step Verification option.

  4. Next, he has to click on the button named as Start Setup.

  5. Then, he has to enter his mobile number and he will receive a verification code on his mobile.

  6. He has to enter that code in the required field and should click on the Verify button.

Process to Get an App-specific password for Outlook:

  1. The user should go back to the on his PC.

  2. Then, he has to click on the App passwords link under the Sign-in & security link.

  3. Then, he should click on Select app and click on Other and then enter Outlook.

  4. Then, he should click on the Select device and should select his mobile.

  5. Finally, he should click on Generate password and then on Done button.

In case, you are not able to fix this Gmail issue with your Outlook account, then it will be good if you contact the Gmail Support Team immediately.

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