Hotmail Server Settings like POP3, SMTP or IMAP


Hotmail Server Settings

Most users have issues when it comes to configuring the server settings for Hotmail. Most of them are not technically equipped to troubleshoot technical issues or to have answers to their queries. Such users shouldn't push the panic button and must take assistance from the technical support team of Hotmail to learn about the server settings of Hotmail.


Following are the steps to configure the IMAP settings of Hotmail

  1. The first thing that users must do is to login to their Hotmail account.

  2. Once the profile page is displayed, users must click on settings.

  3. From the drop down menu, users must select IMAP settings option and enter the following information:

  • Users must type in the server field.

  • Users must type true-implicit in the SSL field.

  • Users must enter993 (default) in the port field.

  • Users must type the username field.

  • Users must save the settings by clicking on Save.


Following are the steps to enable POP3 access

  • The first and the foremost thing that users should do is to sign in to their email account and then click on settings.

  • In the next step, users must click on options from the drop down menu.

  • Once this is done, then users must click on Connect devices and apps with POP and then select the enable option.

  • In the next step, users must go under the Deleting downloaded messages and then choose Don’t let devices or apps delete messages from option.

  • In the final step, users must click on the Save button


Following are the steps on how to manually add a Hotmail account on android or ios device

  1. Users must first go to the home screen of their Android device and then click on Mail menu

  2. Users must then select Mail preferences and subsequently Accounts option.

  3. Once this is done, users must give their full name along with their email account their full name as well as their Hotmail email address and password and select POP under the account type.

  • In the description field, type Windows live mail

  • Type under the incoming mail server,

  • Type Windows live mail and type the description field for Outgoing Mail server,

  • Users must make sure that Use Authentication is selected.

  • Type the full Hotmail email addressUnder the username field,

  • Type Hotmail password under the password field,

  • Click on create.

To get more info on configuring Hotmail server settings, users must take assistance of the technical support team of Hotmail which has technicians who are thorough professionals and work round the clock to come up with commendable solutions. They provide all their flawless solutions via a remote desktop. All users can avail their services round the clock which makes them a lot of effective in dealing with a range of issues. The best part is that users just have to dial their toll free number to get the best possible solutions. Users also have the option to post their queries on the Online forums of Hotmail and can send them via email as well.

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