How to Reset Gmail Password Without Old Password ?


Get quick tutorial for Gmail Password Reset and its Security

Most of the users well known that to access Gmail account one need to enter its correct email ID and password but unfortunately in case forgot the password then one might find out problem to access email account. But here in this article describing about its causes which forgets the password at times. Let`s know how to know it simply.     

Get steps on how to know about forget gmail password:

  • Go to the site of Gmail account and click on the sign in button.

  • Enter email address and password to sign account.

  • If unable to access as a result there is technical error forgot password and that time user must reset password.

In addition to there are the steps about changing password and tips about requirement of strong password mentioned below.  

Follow the steps to change Gmail password:

  • If already sign in Gmail account the simply click on the settings button.

  • Click on the mail account option and click on the password change tab.

  • Simply type old password and then click on the change password field.

  • Enter new password in to the filed and then enter the same into the confirm filed finally.

What are the requirement of strong password:

  • While creating password may not contain with user name.

  • It should be contain with the character with upper and lower cases base on 10 digit number.

  • Complexity should requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or created.

  • Use numeric and alphabetical password to make change password.

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