iPhone 6s not Working Properly


Why iPhone 6s not working ?

Apple devices are upgrading with the multiple innovative features that are associated with the iPhone 6s plus bowing to peer pressure with bigger touchscreens than previous releases in the iOS devices. Plenty of people are enjoying their new purchasing devices, but the actual fact is that there have been a lot of problems in the iPhone 6s which is being reported to the customer service. Therefore if any of user is running with the problems then one need to find out the real answer according to that and fix out the issue soon.

If really new version of iPhone 6s is not working then don`t frustrate and panic and get in touch with technical professional who are ready to help out by providing some of steps. Lets know how it works,

Follow the stops underneath when iPhone 6s not working:

  • Open iPhone 6s device and go to the settings and tap on the general settings and click on the reset button.

  • User can view Wi-Fi settings and then click on the all settings button.

  • Now tap on the iCloud that is responsible for entire settings and try to do something in iPhone.

  • Still if getting any issue then don`t worry and get the device to tun off for a second completely.

  • Turn device in again and follow the on screen rules on the iPhone.

Hopefully now it is working fine and enjoy working performing all over the tasks utterly. But unfortunately in case getting stuck with another technical issue then user can do the same process to fix out the issue on the right time,

Follow the steps about how to fix Bluetooth not working on iPhone:

  • Before doing something check its Bluetooth is turn on or not.

  • Confirm iOS device and for the Bluetooth accessories make it all turn off and restart the system.

  • Now tap on the repair device and tap on the connect button and tap on the settings option.

  • Tap on the info button and tap on the device.

  • Make sure this time Bluetooth should be on and try to pair it with the another device.

It is hope it is would have been connected with the device which means Bluetooth is now working and ready to share document necessarily. But still if face any new issue then get connect with the team center and get the prolific answer by its tech support team at a real time.

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