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Ms Office guide for Install,Setup,etc

When it comes to preparing flawless presentations and balance sheets, nothing beats MS office. All users must know how to download and install the software to avail its many features. The steps involved in doing so are very easy and don’t take much of users’ time. All that users need to do is to take assistance from the technical support team of MS office.

How to download MS office ?

  • Users must first of all go to the official webiste of Microsoft.

  • In the next step users must go to the download section.

  • Users must select MS office trial version from the given options.

  • Users must then click on download to complete the process.

How to install MS office ?

  • In the very first step, users must visit the Office Setup page and type in the address bar of their web browser.

  • Once this is done, the next step is to enter the Office product key which is given on the card that comes with the retail purchase.

  • In the next step, users must login to their Microsoft Account or must create a new account if they don’t have one.

  • To proceed furtherm, users must click on the Install button. The Office installer will be downloaded to their computer.

  • In the next step, users must click Run to start the installation. In case users are making use of Mac then they must double-click the MicrosoftOffice2011.dmg file in Downloads folder.

  • This will install MS office.

How to Configure MS office ?

    • In the very first step, users must name the Configuration by providing a description for the MS Office configuration.

    • In the next step, users must define the Configuration. Users must access the Application combo box and then choose application version and change values that are to be changed.

    • In the last step, users must deploy Configuration by clicking on the Deploy button. Users must not forget to save the configuration as draft, by clicking on Save as Draft.

How to setup MS office ?

  • To setup MS office in a right manner, users must contact MS office customer service.

  • If users don;t avail their services, then they may end up using the features of MS office in an inefficient manner.

  • Most users are not technically equipped enough to setup MS office by themselves. By setting up MS office in a wrong way, users may not be able to use its tools in a productive manner.

To get more info on the above queries, users can contact the technical support team of MS office. If users don’t want to call them, they can also post their queries on the online forums.

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