Netgear Router Not Connecting


How to Fix the Netgear Router Connecting Issue after Network Security Change

Netgear router is one of the secured networks to access internet and incorporate online activities. Emails are transferred in the encrypted form through the servers under safeguards. Netgear router has other features like Ipv6 support, guest wireless network, traffic meters and USB ports. Also the Netgear router is updated time-to-time with more advanced features.

Now often there are issues with the Netgear router not connecting to laptop and which displays error messages. To solve the problem perform factory reset.

Follow the steps for Netgear Router Not Connecting –

  • Find the Restore Factory Settings on the router back.

  • Hold the reset button key for some time.

  • Release the Reset button and wait until the router restarts.

Now after a network security change of the router, error message is displayed as ‘Settings saved on this network do not match’. By removing the previously saved preferred network form the wireless computer, error message can be removed.

Follow the below mentioned steps to remove the preferred networks on Windows Vista Operating System –

  1. Click on Start button and then move to Network option.

  2. Click Network and Sharing Center and the select Manage wireless networks on the left.

  3. To remove the networks select those particular networks.

  4. Now move back to Network and Sharing Center and select Connect to a network option.

  5. Next apply for the wireless network connecting to SSID.

  6. Once done, tick the options Save this network and start this connection automatically.

  7. Select a location and also check the wireless connection.

Similarly to remove preferred networks on Windows XP Operating System, follow the steps 

  • Click the Start button and move to Control Panel section.

  • Double click on the options Network Connection.

  • Select Properties by right click over Wireless network connection.

  • Move to the Wireless Networks tab.

  • To remove the networks, select the wireless networks under Preferred Network.

  • Move back to the Network connection window.

  • Select View available wireless networks by right click over Wireless network connection.

  • Check now whether the wireless connection is established.

If there is any issue to remove the preferred networks then contact Netgear router customer service for technical assistance. Support experts are in the best position for resolving the issues effectively.


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