Netgear router password reset | change


How to change Netgear router password ?

If the router password is known to someone then that person can easily get access the router and consume unlimited amount of data. In order to avoid such situation it is necessary that users have changed the account password instantly before things go out of hand. Users can follow the below mentioned quick and easy steps to change the Netgear router password.


Steps to change Netgear router password:

Step 1: Launch a browser of their choice and then login to the router admin page.

Step 2: Users can then enter the account username and password to login to the page. The default id and password is admin password respectively.

Step 3: Users can then click on the wireless settings which is available under setup option.

Step 4: Users can now change existing password with a strong and secure password for the account.

Step 5: When changed the account password then users can click on “Apply” in order to save the new account password that has been created.


Are you unable to follow the above mentioned 5 quick and easy steps?

If that is so then assistance can be offered to the users on immediate basis from the masters of the domain who have years of experience in dealing with such issues. By offering flawless services they ensure that users get one stop solution for any of the issue or query that is in relevance with the router. Services are toll free and can be used at any point of time as the technicians are known to offer services all through the day and all through the year. Remote technical assistance is the mode through which technicians are offered steps to fix the issue.


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