ps4 controller setup


How to connect and customize the DualShock4 setup

DualShock 4 is the controller of the PlayStation 4’s with features like capacitive touch input with improved SixAxis motion sensing. Features like new clickable touchpad, new analog thumb stocks, new light bar and integrated headphone jack makes the PS4 experience more vibrant.

DualShock 4 acts as an Xbox 360 controller and so using PS4 controller is easy now. Download and install the tool with the help of steps mentioned in this article.

Connecting the DualShock 4

Download the latest version file of DS4Windows form the DS4Windows webpage and use an archive manager to extract it. Double click on DS4 windows to run the installer.

While installing the DS4 Driver follow the online instructions. Next click on Install 360 Driver. As both the drivers are installed connection is possible now.

To pair the controller with the PC using Bluetooth, follow the steps

  • Press the PS Button for some time till the lightbar flashes.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings and connect to Wireless Controller.
  • Enter the code as ‘0000’ and then click Finish.

Customizing the setup

Every facet of the controller can be adjusted using the DS4 interface for customized use. User can select the pre-made profiles or create a new one for the games not easily adaptable. For best use, user can also customize the Touchpad sensitivity, macros and game-specific profiles.


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