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Operating system works as interface between the computer hardware and software which manages the overall resources and operations. Scheduling and memory management are the two important OS features which user contains. Allocation of resources is also an important factor which includes GUI setup and faster printer output. Operating system also contains file system which is defined as the structured data representation that describe stored data.

Major OS Troubleshooting Steps on Which People need help

If there is any problem in the operating system then the entire system stops working. It is dvisable to keep updating the browser at regular intervals for proper functioning. OS Update also helps in fixing the system bugs and other issues. There are also instances when the system doesn’t work effectively if there is any problem in the OS. List of such errors are –

  1. Operating system is working very slow.
  2. Computer is freezing or start-up error.
  3. OS is not starting or functioning.
  4. RAID not detected during installation.
  5. Improper or spontaneous shutdown.
  6. Missing dll message.
  7. Compatibility error or system performance error.
  8. Missing NTLDR or Boot.ini.

Clear the machine/system and install a antivirus program to fix the OS issues. Also verify that the computer for campus network is configured correctly. Update the wireless driver to prevent the OS from any glitches. Also operating system customer service provides expert assistance. Support team is available 24*7 to resolve the issues.

OS Customer Service

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